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English Teacher

Update time:12 Apr 2019

Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway Wuxi
Enterprise nature:Other Recruiter type:Employer
Industry type:Education/Training/Universities and Colleges
Address:Junction of Xixing Road and Taishan Road, Xin Wu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China
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Work city: Wuxi Job functions: English Teaching Work time: Full Time
No. Hiring: undetermined Salary: 10000-15000RMB Experience: >3Years


• 精通学科专业知识,熟悉英文原版教材,具备国际课程双语教学经验;
Proficient in subject knowledge, familiar with English original teaching materials, experience in bilingual teaching of international curriculum ;
• 相关学科学生学习进度测评、报告;
assess and report of learning progress of students in related subjects;
• 积极参与相关学科的研究、课程规划
actively participate in the research and curriculum planning of related subjects;
• 与其他教师协作开发学校的课程和教学项目
collaborate with other teachers to develop school curriculum and teaching programs;
• 激发学生的学习兴趣,培养学生养成良好的学习习惯,掌握高效的学习方法
stimulate students' learning interest, cultivate students to develop good learning habits, and master efficient learning methods;
• 完成学校安排的其它教学辅助工作
other teaching assistant work arranged by the school.


Good welfare conditions


Skills and Experience
• 大学全日制本科及以上学历,所学专业需为对口学科;
bachelor degree or above,Major in a relevant subject;
• 3年以上工作经验
at least 3 years working experience;
• 有IB工作经验者优先
IB experience is a plus;
• 双母语浸泡式教学经验者优先
Dual-language immersion teaching experience is preferred;
• 英文流利(雅思6.5及以上,或托福90及以上,或TEM-8);
fluent in English (IELTS 6.5 or above, or TOEFL 90 or above, or TEM-8);
• 具有良好的亲和力、温和的性格、优秀的沟通能力
good affinity, mild personality and excellent communication skills;
• 具有高度的责任心、较强的团队协作精神
strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit;
• 具有先进教育教学理念和勇于创新的精神
with advanced education and teaching concepts and the spirit of innovation.

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