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Enterprise nature:Institutions
Industry type:Education/Training/Universities and Colleges

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Enterprise nature:Institutions
Industry type:Education/Training/Universities and Colleges
Dear teachers/designers/programmars
I’m Miss Zhang from the Administration Department of American K12 Academy. We are glad to receive your CV. The following is a brief introduction about our company.

The interview can be arranged from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. From Sunday to Saturday. Please bring your college diploma, resume and other valid certificates before the interview.

Address of American K12 Academy(xinghai school): No.103, Block 1, Phase 6, Xinghaimingcheng, Qianhai Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (Xinghai School)

Nearby metro station: Daxin Station Exit B(Line one)

Nearby landmark: Rainbow Department store and Beida middle school.

If you are currently employed, your enrollment with our school will be arranged in 3 days.

About Us

“K12” is the short name for American K12 Academy. K means American kindergarten. 12 means American 12-year free education from primary school to high school.

“K12”, a professional institution for education, integrated with product development, operations management, Teaching and training, teacher assignments. The administration centers include Beijing and Shenzhen. The headquarters in Beijing, radiates throughout 8 districts. The headquarters in Shenzhen, manages many branch schools in Nanshan District.

Based on China’s national conditions as well as the actual situation of Chinese students, K12 brings in American education system. For the children who live in the residential areas nearby K12, we offer a real and useful American kindergarten course, American primary school course and American high school course, including subject English course, happy football course, TESOL training course and other courses.

With real American K12 teaching materials as well as multimedia interactive courseware, what indoor English curriculum of K12 can offer is English-only environment and practical English teaching methods. Besides, the teaching staff in K12, including foreign teachers and Chinese English teachers, all have a TESOL certificate. It is designed to help our children develop strong interest in English learning as well as good habits of English learning, so as to help them achieve the good English learning results.

The teaching methods that the outdoor football class of K12 offers are professional, interesting and simple. Both foreign and Chinese coaches, who have rich experience in youth football teaching, can bring great pleasure to the children while teaching football with their excellent football techniques, advanced ideas of football in both English and Chinese. What football class can provide is to develop our children’s strong interest in sports as well as their interpersonal skills, while improve their physical ability, teamwork awareness, attention and self-confidence.

In addition, all-American school supplies and environment arrangement in K12 are a highlight as well. The classroom arrangement is well-designed and practical. All foreign teachers and Chinese teachers of K12, who regard the environment arrangement as teaching strategy, will encourage the children to fully interact with the objects, materials and people while teaching them to use various senses in the class.

All teaching activities in K12 are like a show. All teachers use role-playing as well as interactive games in both indoor and outdoor class. It can not only help our children to learn real English in a happy and relaxed learning environment, but also help them do the subject English reading as well as outdoor exercise, so as to improve their comprehensive abilities.

The management philosophy of K12: Combined Confucian culture with protestant culture, we provide a platform for our partners and develop talent for China, while providing information for family education.

The goal of K12 is to provide world-class education for tens of thousands of children in China.

The slogan of K12 is return to the nature of life and education.

The school credo of K12: There is no right to refuse education. There is no reason for a teacher to give up.

Experienced English or football Teachers/designers/programmars wanted

*Location: Nanshan Shenzhen, China

*Student's Age: 3-18 year olds.

*Type of classes to be taught: English dialogues/English readings/English football

*Requirements/ Qualifications: TESL preferred/ Degree preferred.

*Contract period: at least One year or more.(We support Foreign Teachers with the work visa process)

*work schedule: fixed schedule for probation, flexible schedule after probation

*Salary : 13,000-20000yuan/month depending on the experience and the number of classes
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